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Tycoon, aka William Russ, was born in a small town known as Masset but raised in Skidegate. For those of you who don't know, these towns are native reserves located on Haida Gwaii in the Canadian province of British Columbia. Now, Tycoon grew up under the watchful eye of his twin sister, Carla, who proved the more dominant of the two. She did everything from tying his shoes to doing his homework. He soaked up all the attention but eventually learned he had to take charge to get through life. After repeating grade 11 for a second time, he realized he did not know what he wanted to do with the rest of his life (this being a big decision at the tender age of eighteen). He decided to pick himself up and finish what he started, having to complete his grade 12 through an adult learning center. Hard work and dedication paid off and once he realized his new independence, he decided he was moving on up...

To Malaspina University/College. He left the comforts of Haida Gwaii at twenty, after ending his reign as the longest running high school student...not to be confused with the oldest, that trophy went to Niis Wes. So here he was, little Tycoon in Nanaimo. Now what? He knew he loved music, having over seven hundred CD's in his collection and, yes, had listened to them all in his spare time, but where would that lead him? He had no clue... After he blindly felt his way through the first year, he realized he was on the wrong path. After his third semester, he bravely decided to leave the safety of school and work until he found the right path. He slaved away at his grandparents' restaurant (Dave's In the Village) but money being good; he took his time until…

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