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We are Track Music Beats a Music Production company based in the UK . We create and compose music production packages/Bundles tailored to fit our clients. Which Consists of three components music production/Melody creation and songwriting. If your passionate about music we want to help you make it. They say talent comes in all shapes and sizes and our motto is to help clients understand their potential with a solid ear for what clients want. Its not just about projects, but Its a relationship that takes music process to the next level and by this we aim to satisfy every client by understanding and delivering exactly what they want.
Our focused attention is on music production/Melody creation is what gives us the edge to create striking music, and takes your project from concept to final stage. When thinking about music production we are often asked about the cost, but before we even consider costing, it’s important to send us an email outlining exactly you, the client wants, and for our clients to feel part of the process. The more information the easier for us to come up with a great package deal. Once we know what you want we can offer advice on your budget, and what you will realistically get for that budget.
We can help you make the choices and the budget affordable.
Before contacting us we ask you to consider:
• What is your audience?
• What kind of artist are you?
• Do you have deadlines?
• What is your budget?
Keeping things focused and clear is what matters in music production with realistic budgets in place beforehand. We have different packages for different budgets and we will work strictly to the chosen package. However, if you’re unsure of what you want, we can help you understand your needs. Not every artist understands where they sit. This often comes from knowing who you really are as an artist, your sound and what genre’ you belong. Although we work with all genre’s, we specialize in Urban, Pop, and EDM. We deliver all our music files in original format (mp3/wav/Stems, and offer creative input for clients own projects. If you listen carefully you’ll know ‘It’s all in the music’ and we want to make it with you. Musicians and artists are made to stand out, not fit in, we understand what you want and will help you achieve your highest goals and make it as simple and straight forward for you as possible. All that’s left is for you to get in touch with us now.
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