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Thomas Crane

United States

Electronic / EBM


Thomas Crane AKA T-Mos "most definitely" is Owner and Music Producer at One For All Productions hailed as "Creative... New Sound... a Fresh Sounding Artist."
His sound encapsulates a vision that is both bold and adventurous. I always say music is something that transcends language.
Thomas initially started out playing guitar at a young age, and has gone on to produce and engineer for various underground artists around New Jersey.
Thomas is inspired by a wide range of music, everything from the rap stylings of Jay-Z, The Fugees and KRS1., to Bob Marley, Metallica and Motown sensation Stevie Wonder.
With an eclectic appreciation that spans the vast spectrum of music, Thomas is intent on carving out something that is completely his own.
Thomas seeks to create unique sounds that explore beyond the horizons of a field saturated with unoriginality and repetitivity,
and it is his mission to explore the depths of music.
Thomas is often booked for his strong work ethic and his easygoing nature but moreover his impressive ability to complement the backbone of any song.
Not one to pigeonhole himself into one style, Thomas traverses the BPMs and moods and focuses on telling a story through progression with his Music
Thomas is a Multi Genre Artists that has collaborated with the Many variety of Artists.
So what’s next for THOMAS? Currently, it’s ‘all systems go’ for the independent artist as he sets the wheels in motion for his New Projects
When Thomas is not being a very busy and sought after Music Producer, Thomas can be found with his family at the Beach.

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