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Terry Rouse

United States

Hip Hop


hey world, my name is terry rouse but all my people call me Mac...i prefer Mac-tropolix as i go by a few different rap names.. T-Mac mostly. Im 32 years of age and i feel like the 30s the new 20 really..fresh with my music i come from a small town in South carolina where i wasnt favored by the Law or system as of a lot more people who grew up in the system. Growing up i didn't have a silver spoon , a lot of times me and my older brother had to fend for each other while moms was trying to make a hustle. i come from a single parent home where the struggles was real my mom did a prison bid when i was young which i think spiraled my spree of troubles coming up but i lived and learn and stuck to something that no one could ever take from me .. My music was in my head i wrote books and did everything possible to perfect my craft without a proper street education...made my own way... some of my music based on the way i live or the way i want to live.. i have a very wide imagination when it comes to music just not a lot of resources coming out my area.but the strong always prevail..enjoy DAYZ OF MAC-TROPOLIX

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