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Rime-h du millenium


Hip Hop


NZIENGUI MBENDJICKAT Alban Brel aka Rime-H Du Millenium is a young Gabonese rapper born on 3 April 1996 in Tchibanga.

Following the example of all the rappers, Brel started with the freestyles here and there in his neighborhood, his area, in his city and on radio. Fan of several artists such as Kery James, Youssoupha, Koba Building, La Fouine and many others, the young man began to resume their texts on instrums in order to create a style and have a good experience in the field.

It is in 2009 that Brel begins to write his own texts that he will ask about the American and French beats before thinking to make a whole song own to him.

In 2010 Rime-H collaborated with the group SIDORY G BUZZ composed of Drazzy and Roscow, together they released a mixtape entitled "Sidory G Buzz" just to introduce the group and seek to make themselves known in their sector.

In 2011, the young artist joined the Label Infinity Studio with as producer The Shadow who was the boss of this new production structure. But unfortunately the artist was not highlighted in this label, he worked more solo to better prepare his career after the label.

Two years later, he finally left Infinity Studio to start self-production with the goal of producing a mixtape album whose first single "Prends La Claque" was recorded one year after his departure from the label. It is thanks to this song that the young Brel will make a modest name in his sector.

In 2014, Rime-H participated in several freestyles and radio rap competitions in Libreville. Competitions can be mentioned; to Renaissance Fm, Ubuntu Radio as part of the Uben Freestyles program and to Gabon News fm as part of the Tendance Freestyle program.

The man is still working on his mixtape entitled "Flighter Vol.1", and there are already three titles available; "We Made The Art feat KJ", "Take The Slap" and "Look At The Top" released this year 2017.

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