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Omesha Leyan & N Marc

Sri Lanka

Electronic / EBM
Progressive House


Omesha Leyan and Shashika Nuwan are Sri Lankan EDM Producers born in 1995 in Polonnaruwa city  which is world famouse to ancient Ruins. They firstly met in there high school. Both of them loved to Electronic Dance Music. Then they discussed to start Producing after the higher education. 
         Shashika Nuwan ( N Marc) is very talented to play Sri lankan Cultural Drums. He won All Island Meddles for Playing "Bera". And He had participated to Ancient Kandy Perahera which is world oldest and holy perahera festival. He had many talents in music with his native. Firstly he found his talent from his self after playing a Toy keyboard in his childhood when he was about 10 years old. After that he followed many instruments like Violin, Thabla, Flute, Organ. That all the instruments He learned by him self. That's the special thing to turning his life to Music producing. When he met Omesha he had to chance to know about Digital Audio Workstations. After that he researched about that technology with Omesha Leyan for many years.
         Omesha Leyan was Producing music lonely with well known DAW. He was always finding new beats in his self. Then he made them and played with his friends. He talented to make different melodies. After he met Shashika Nuwan Their road was changed. They discussed to do Producing professionally and better than other producers in Sri Lanka. Then they came one of the Best Producers in Sri Lanka in 2016.

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