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Lee Music Studio is a professional audio production studio based in Ramnicu Valcea, offering complete recording, mixing and mastering services.
One of the strengths of our studio is its acoustics. For achieving the best recording space, measurements were made which resulted in personalized acoustic isolation, so that the recorded sounds would be very well defined. The studio is divided into a mixing room and 9 isolation booths for voice and instruments with new generation equipment. We can respond to a wide range of requirements, whether it's about a musical band or orchestra, a choir, a theater band, or just some voices or special effects.

The design of the studio has taken into account the need for comfort and relaxation of those who visit us, the resulting space stimulating creativity, enthusiasm and positive energy.

Lee Music Studio collaborates with sound engineers, producers, composers, instrumentalists, lyricists with vast experience in order to achieve the highest possible quality of the recorded audio material.

The studio was opened in 2016, and since then, multi talented artists such as Antract, Monica Anghel, Eduard, Studio 7, Dyel, Delanno Lewis, Alex Anghel, Tudot Turcu, Zavera, Toni Seicarescu, Nico, Luminita Anghel, Baboi, Ovidiu Anton, DemNus, Alex Velea, Axel Grassi – Havnen, Raluca Raducanu, Ricky Kochher, Skizzo Skills, Teo Dora, Onika, Eduard, Wings Of Hope and many more have chosen our composing, recording, mixing, mastering and photo production services.

Sounds have power, beauty, variety. They make us love what we do and we believe in our mission to come up with the best sounds that bring to life what you want to express. We love to have people alike around and that’s why, coming to Lee Music Studio, you will have the chance to meet serene, ardent, creative, innovative and passionate people. Besides, our coffee is one of a kind! :P

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