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Justin Faye

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Justin Faye is a POP, R&B/SOUL Singer-Songwriter-Composer-Guitarist.
Originally from Senegal where he was surrounded by world rhythms, Justin Faye began learning music at an early age when his father began teaching him vocal techniques.
Since moving on to Denver, Colorado in the USA, he has gone on to release a number of singles; his latest being "Bree Tree",
" Get The Kick Club Mix", Diamond In The Mud, "Get The Kick Remix" and " Let Me Smoke Your Sweet Lips, Again ".

More About Justin Faye:
Justin Faye used to be signed to AMG a Canadian based music publishing company which is associated to BMG Rights Management, also affiliated to Major Labels such as Sony, Universal Music, The Orchard...

Faye's previous music releases were produced by Mark Berry, whose extensive production, engineering & remixing talents has earned him 36 international gold and platinum records for such notable Grammy & Juno nominated musical icons as David Bowie, Duran Duran, Yes, Boy George, Billy Idol, Kool & The Gang, Cameo, Carly Simon, Joan Jett & many, many more.

Justin Faye debut single "Get The Kick Club Mix" hit US NATIONAL AIRPLAY DRT TOP 150 Indie Global Airplay Charts & Remained on Artist SPOTLIGHT & CHARTS for 10 consecutive weeks peaking @ #100 in Summer / Fall 2019.

His track "Bree Tree" is among the Colorado Music WINNERS of COMBO's 2019 Songwriting Contest TOP 20 ! Source: Colorado Music (dot) org.

And 3 of his singles landed on the TOP 200 / TOP 100 & TOP 40 EURO INDIE MUSIC CHARTS: Bree Tree (TOP 40), Get The Kick Remix (TOP40), Diamond In The Mud (TOP 100).

Also, 2 of his singles hit the WORLD INDIE MUSIC CHARTS TOP 100
"Bree Tree" in the TOP 20 & "Get The Kick Remix" in the TOP 40 !!!

In addition "Get The Kick Remix" Hit #01 & "Bree Tree #02 on FORMULA INDIE Radio & TV Network Powered by European Indie Music Network !

Presently, Justin Faye chose to remain an independent and unsigned recording artist so far while focusing on his upcoming album...

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