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Jimmy Tubb




The world needs peace and love, it is important for the existence of mankind. Music is a great way to reach it. This is what i know after more than 40 years on the musical road...

My name is Jean-Marc Jimmy Tubb Immelé, born in 1973 in Geneva, Switzerland. More than 40 years on the piano and 25 years as sound-engineer, i also created a label in 2002 name's Tubb Sound Productions.

At the age of 7, in 1980, I started studying piano at a classical conservatory for about 8 years. in 1989, i enter my 1st band on the keyboards.I love to create, arrange then perform music from that time.
it was in 1996 that my musical life began to conduct myself professionally when i meet a great drummer from Chicago Vic Pitts (who played with big artist like Ottis Redding) learning and playing many "hits" from the 70-80's on the keyboards. That's when I also started working as a sound engineer (i was mixing our music straight behind my keyboards on a small desk).

As Sound-engineer, i worked for 8 years in a concert venue, also main engineer for several live bands, then successfully earned a diploma in sound engineering after 3 years of study (2006)

In 2002, after the loss of my mother, I decided to start my own label Tubb Sound Productions and travel to Jamaica at the famous Bob Marley's Tuff Gong studio in Kingston to produce a song in memory of my mother. I was blessed while sitting on the piano, some of the greatest artists in reggae music history joined me for my mother's memory song like Leroy Horsemouth Wallace, Earl Chinna Smith, Uzziah Sticky Thompson. From my mother's song, i release a serie of five 7"vinyls distributed by Tuff Gong. Back then, my life took a very constructive way. I enter Jamaica's family, and more than just teachers, they have become friends over the years, especially Leroy Horsemouth Wallace.
From 2009, I start to work as artist and booking agent, organizing tours in many European countries, performing in prestigious place like Montreux Jazz Festival (CH), Garance Reggae festival (FR), Bielawa Reggae festival (Pl), etc...Featuring artists like Cedric Myton (The Congos), Horsemouth Wallace, Errol Organs.
Some of the artist i worked as FOH sound-engineer like Prince Alla, Sizzla, The Abyssinians, Sylford Walker, Anthony B, Al Campbell, Ranking Joe,
As a Studio Sound-engineer, I assist many groups in composing, organizing, recording and mixing music, and until today never stop creating music in my studio.

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