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Giovanni Starbrite

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Giovanni Starbrite, musician, beat maker, recording engineer, and music producer from Tucson Arizona, has been creating music of all kinds from an early age. As a child, Starbrite was diagnosed with depression. At age 10, he discovered that making music provided a much needed escape, and he has not stopped creating since – he has released five albums over the course of his career thus far. His work is fluid, taking from many instruments, styles, and genres, all executed with precision and feeling.
Giovanni’s music has been licensed dozens of times for use in movies and TV shows across the USA and United Kingdom. What sets his music apart? His deep understanding of music theory and his education and experience with recording (he holds an audio engineering certificate from the Sheffield Institute of Recording Arts), when combined, are on a level of their own. There is an obvious familiarity with the visceral reactions that music can bring about, a familiarity which Starbrite uses tastefully, track after track.
Purchase his massage therapy music, artist name Cire Draw Audio, on CreateSpace, or sample it on Music Maker Jam. Listen to his latest album, the 30-song, triple disc “Transitions,” in full on CDBaby, or check out his featured songs on ReverbNation. He also hosts a number of single tracks on his personal YouTube channel.
Giovanni Starbrite’s music is available for licensing, and is sure to lend a strong emotional resonance to any production or event.

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