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Edword Rogue

South Africa

Hip Hop


Edilson Mateus Coelho (Born june 6 1993)..better known by his stage name Edword Rogue is an Namibian Rapper who is based in Cape town South Africa. In 2009 still on high school age 14 grade 9 In Maitland High school in the Neighborhood he grew up in with close friend jowelin weinand aka BIG B Forever & Edword were heavily influenced by the hiphop culture especially lil wayne at the time & later decided to form their own Rap group & by 2010 the rap group had 4 members & would later go on to release their first mixtape titled (CLUSTER) using established beats cause at the time no one knew anything bout composing your own beats.This was followed by a few videos such as (TTDM) & MMM freestyle in 2011.

In late 2013 Edword Rogue went back home to Namibia to visit & met up wit sum new friends who composed their own beats & formed the group weird GANG & Edword began to hustle wit the Gang which led to sum Tracks being recorded such as (Calibud ft Lil nex) & (Ghost house stories) x(No groupies) Edword left a buzz & eventually it was time for him to come back to Cape Town he also appeared on a youtube chanel for upcoming Namibian rappers 2013.

In early 2014 Edword Rogue came back to Cape Town & had a new perception of music & and a hanful of new connects .but never the less continued to hustle wit his old crew but things weren't the same anymore for Edword in the group there was too much politics with inside the group but despite that in 2015 they dropped another mixtape
Titled (ESBC) with their own beats through the new connects so 70% of the project was a completely Edword Rogue buzz & this project did good online but this led to more politics so after thr mixtape BiG B forever left the group & in mid 2016 Edword Rogue had enough & went solo. Also in the same year Edword Dropped his first debut solo mixtape titled (THE WORLD AINT SAFE) which was properly recieved locally and online but the project never made the impact he expected.

In late 2016 Edword Rogue made his own group & Would later call it kamakazi Kingz as a way of helping his friends who saw him doing his thing & wanted to join or support.The following year on his birthday in 2017 he droped his second project titled (Foundation) which was followed by sum videos from his first project such as (palm trees ft well@) x Lowkey x Trapstar x NO WORK x The hustle Ft BiG B Forever & also at the momment Rogue is working on his third project (Titled T6TRN) drops in 2018 no dates set on release yet but is definately to be one of his best projects according to Him.

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