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D Menace

United Kingdom

Drum & Bass


Dennis Deane aka D Menace, Free Spirit & Elusive.
DJ, Electronic Dance Music Producer, Live Percussionist to any Genre with Bongos, Conga Drums inc
Drum & Bass, Jungle, Old-school,House, EDM and live bands.
About me:
Easy going, Happy go lucky, very outgoing, lively personality, love to cut rug n shape, love to boogie.
Live for music, clubbing, raving spreading the vibe.
Bourne in the 70s, popping n break-dancing in d early 80 s,
Raving all through 88/89 summer of love 2, acid house to d 90 s hardcore,Jungle at
Rage at heaven, Astoria, Breakfast club, Jenkins lane raindance, Sunrise , Bioligy, Energy.
to late 90s Drum n Bass,
Still avin it large today, Ali Pali, Raindance, Seone club, area, Hidden, Labrynth, Corinets, n cClub fire.

Not much of a reader but like to read up on latest technologies, but most of all, very happy go lucky, always smiling n don t take any thing in life 2 seriously apart from me beats n bass and me religion (RUDE FM).

3 MOST FAV DJ S, 1ST The Legendary Micky Finn, then HOLD TIGHT THE Andy C DnB Awards 10 times on the trot, and today with best record collection in the world weather dark happy jump up liquid or just good music -:
RUDE FM S QUEEN THE DJ LADY FLAVA, big upz to ya girl.

Not forgetting the old school DJs Ellis D, Paul Trouble Anderson, Carl Cox and so on, and off course the founders of DNB Hype, Fabio, Grooveryder & MC 5 0

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