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My name is David E. Maxwell , Music Producer / CEO, of D.E.M. Beats Production.

I was born in Philadelphia, PA. the oldest of seven children, 3-boys and 4-girls. Around the age of five, I found out that I had a love and gift for music. At age nine, I was given a guitar by an older cousin.Thus the torch was lit and the creative juices began to flow. I was Introduced to church as a young child and loved to sing. By age eleven, I’d learned to play many songs by ear, which landed me in my first neighborhood band. I’ve played and have been a member of several groups such as, The Persuasions, The North Wall Band, The T. U. Band, Sure Fire, The Break of Dawn, Positive Vibes,
The Back In Action Band, and The Friends Group, just to name a few. ​

I attended Stoddard Fleisher Jr. High School where I learned to play the clarinet and alto saxophone and would often play the piano in the school auditorium during assembly.
As time went on I joined several other bands that traveled and played on the local circuits.

Growing up in the inner city, trouble was always at arms length.
I learned to adapt quickly and because of the choices I had to make in order to survive, there were often times I found myself on the wrong side of the law. April of 1990 was an important turning point in my life. Returning to my church roots, I began again to rebuild my foundation and faith in God. From then on I played keyboards and lead praise & worship for several churches.

In 2011 I released my solo debut CD entitled “The Praise Up Project”, in which I wrote, performed, composed and produced, as well as mixed and mastered it.
About a year after completing this project, I decided to produce and collaborate with other indie artists, something that I greatly enjoy.

My goal is to provide quality instrumental tracks and background music for Singers, Rappers, Film, Television, Video Games, Ringtones, etc… etc…

I am constantly expanding my library to provide services for you.
Contact me for your needs and allow me to meet the needs of your productions.

“God’s gift to us is life, and what we do with our life, is our gift back to Him!”​

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