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Autunna et sa Rose




The project Autunna et sa Rose is active since 1994 as a contemporary laboratory of many-sided ideas of expression, with the intent to melt together music and poetry suggestion into a new form, finally able to give a strongly complete expression to the most emotive and sometimes even disturbed “motions of the mind”. In fact, the first works form the ensemble originated just from some earlier experiences of a marked literary sort, searching for a delicate symbiotic relationship between music and literature, and also involving some other artistic forms as cinema, figurative arts and especially theatre, considered as the summa of all arts. In this sense, music has always embodied a sort of an “emotional plasma”, able to communicate several meanings in a multi-sensorial way. That is why the chosen musical forms are in strict connection with the theatrical needs that the texts generally require.
Most of the original inspiration sources are related to historical avantgarde movements, in particular surrealism (above all Antonin Artaud’s works) and the connected topics; some indistinct late-romantic influences are still present, but now mixed with a more and more marked inclination to experimental approaches towards contemporary sounds, getting even to avantgarde and ambient-noise electronics.
About live performances, acting and poetical recitations has always been fundamental: the weight of soliloquies and gesture, mixed with dynamical movements on stage are devised to get the upper hand over everything else and take the audience to a breeze drifting from the former context. Even the use of synchronized videos has strengthened the emotional impact of the performances, giving a more complete view about the creative universe the of the project: in a single word, the search for the ideal of Gesamtkunstwerk (the “total” work of art).

In August 2017 a book from Saverio Tesolato was issued: Intrecci del sogno precedes the publication of the forthcoming CD Entrelacs du rêve, whose issue is scheduled for November 2017 and that will complete this many-sided work. From narrations – often achieved through a hard backward analysis – of surreal and foreign images of two dreams to the composition of music for them it was a short road: different forms for different interpretations of dreams and their visions. To try to understand the past, to give future a deep meaning.

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