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Ash-Matic On The Beat

South Africa

Hip Hop


Ashley Blanckenberg also known as "Ash-Matic On The Beat" born and raised in Paarl Western Cape South-Africa was passionate about music from a young age.His Family from his mother's side were very musically involved in church and home.He knew then that he was going to do something musically but did not know what yet.At the age of 11 years old he got into break dancing and loved every moment of dancing.At age 14 he felt that something was missing but could not tell.He suddenly fell in love with poetry and could not get enough of his english language class at school.After graduating High School he was into Dj-ing for a few months but wasn't so passionate about it until he met a friend that was a rapper.He was blown away by how he's friend could tell a story on an instrumental beat and knew he was at the right place.After a few sessions in the studio recording he suddenly realized that the instrumental sounded amazing and wanted to learn how to make instrumental beats.In 2008 he got a producing software at a friend and learned the basics and started working on getting better.In 2010 he made his first official beat and got one of his friends to rap on it from there he learned more and got better at producing so he stopped rapping and started focusing on producing.In 2016 he joined the Hip-hop Movement called the "Broederbond" and to this day he produces banging songs for the movement and fellow artist

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