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Adrien Bass




Coming from a musical family, at the age of 7, ADRIEN BASS was playing banjo back in the Caribbean. Adrien came over to England, and quickly exploit his music talent.
In the early 80's, he started as a DJ in a Club in YorkShire, England but the bass was his main passion. The first band he played with WAS a reggae BAND, but his arrival in London will put him deep into the Jazz vibes. Later, he applied AT a musical college to study Jazz music where he got together with some good musicians. DetermiNG to have more freedom in his writing, he formed his own band, calling it ABASS and started gigging around with it across London..
The underground jazz scene was beginning to know him and be aware of his magic touch on the bass. Influenced by Miles Davis, Stanley Clark, Bootsy Collins etc... His bass lines are unique and give his playing a distinctive sound. He's made a few appearances in several events such as Soho Jazz festivals. Ready for new experiences, he spent a few years in France, working as a producer in different studios in Paris; eventually looking for a record deal cause he had his own materials, and later he decided to crate his own label called ORGANIC JAZZ RECORDS...NOW ON, HE HAS BASE HIS PRODUCTIONS, IN SENEGAL, WEST AFRICA, IN SEARCH FOR A NEW SOUNDS,HE HAS WORK WITH GUY LIKE, THE MASTER PRODUCER, DUB JUDAH, LONDON BASE,DUB TECH STUDIO, AND SOME OF THE BEST MUSICIAN AROUND IN LONDON AT THE MOMENT, GUYS LIKE, BRIAN EWARDS, MAURICE BROWN, BENNET MACCLEN ,MANY OF THOSE GREAT MUSICIAN HAS BEEN PLAYING IN, ADRIEN BASS, BAND, ADRIEN BASS, PRODUCER/BAND LEADER, BASS PLAYER/SINGER SONG WRITER,.....adrien bass fusing together the rhythmic pulses of drum n bass from the caribbean combined with jazzy and soulful expressions from three thoroughbred african american caribbean ancestries. all this with an electrifying live performance that ignites the funky bones in everybodys soul. jah bless

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